Major Cubing Projects/Activities

Note: mostly written for experts

Cubefreak (June 2003 - Present)
Personal cubing website. Over 2 million visits since launch in 2003. Contains many widely-read articles and documentations of speedcubing and blindfold cubing methods (selection below).

Original works in speedcubing theory

Advanced F2L (June 2010)
All D-cross F2L cases (pair type, target slot, any empty slot, AUF) solvable by right-handers without reduction by rotation or a wide turn. Includes many previously undocumented algorithms. One of the first attempts at near-exhaustive documentation of F2L. Additionally, a collection of various F2L tricks; named OPF2L and Jeff2L, providing the very first documentations.
M2 Guide for blindfold cubing (August 2008)
Mostly expository documentation of Stefan Pochmann's M2 method for 3x3 blindfold cubing, with an original approach to M-slice edges.
Makisumi-Garron Last Slot (MGLS) (2004)
Alternative approach to substeps of the Fridrich Method (CFOP). Proposed concept and found algorithms in 2004 (algorithms/documentation later improved by Lucas Garron). Inspired more recent adaptations such as MGLS-P and MGLS-ZZ. Adopted in part by 6 out of 16 finalists at US National Championships 2009.

Expository works

A 3-Cycle Guide to 3x3x3 Blindfold Cubing (June 2005, first version)
Documentation of the 3-cycle Orientation Permutation (3OP) method to 3x3 blindfold cubing. The first comprehensive guide aimed at competitive blindfold cubing. Used by several world record holders in blindfold cubing between 2005-2006.

Other documentational works and services

Story Time with Uncle Tyson (October 2010 - Present)
Creator, editor, contributor. Blog collecting cubing stories from around the world.
A Collection of Cubing Curiosities (August 2011 - Present)
Creator, editor. A collection of interesting or surprising facts about the cube, many of which, having little use in speedcubing, had previously existed as "folklore" without proper documentation.
Hour-long video interview with 2007 World Champion Yu Nakajima (August 2011)
Organizer, interviewer/translator. Interview of a notable cuber with otherwise little contact with western cubing communities. Unofficial WCA Statistics (December 2011 - Present)
Creator, project maintainer the GitHub repository.
Speedsolving Wiki (2009-Present)
Frequent contributor. List of major contributions.


Princeton Cube Club (October 2009 - June 2012)
Founder and president. Main organizer of official WCA competitions Princeton Fall 2010 and Princeton Fall 2011, the two largest East Coast competitions before 2012 excepting US Nationals at 94 and 82 competitors.
Negative Time Solving Contest (2005 - Present)
Organizer since 2005 (taking over from Tyson Mao). Annual unofficial online competition at the end of Daylight Savings Time.
Inter-University Cube Relay (2011-Present)
Organizer since 2011 (by Tyson Mao's suggestion). Annual unofficial online competition among educational institutions around the world.
US Nationals (2010 - Present)

Selected writings