5 clubs at Reed College, 2008


I started juggling in 1997/1998 (age 7 or 8), partly inspired by Péter Frankl. While in Japan, I learned to juggle 4 balls, 3 clubs, and 3 rings. I practiced more seriously after moving to California. During 2001-2003, I regularly attended Thursday Night Juggling at LA Valley College, attended juggling festivals, and improved to 6 balls, 4 clubs, and 5 rings solid. I got to ~50 catches with both 7 balls and 5 clubs, but cubing took over as my main hobby in 2003.

I juggled in high school but practiced much less, and my 7-ball pattern didn't improve at all. In college, I juggled with the Princeton Juggling Club, where I was a co-president my sophomore year and later a shadow executive.

I love Henrys Pirouettes. My first set (in the picture) lasted me a decade. Now I have a set of 7 silver ones.


  • Thanks to Bob and Chunky from Thursday Night Juggling and Ralph from Orange County.
  • PJC Love!